Biodynamic Agriculture

Big Agriculture is the Problem

Biodynamic Agriculture is the Solution

Each year, the average American farm loses tons of essential, nutrient-rich topsoil per acre to large-scale, industrial agriculture, while facing historic losses from flooding and drought. Big agriculture uses machine-based farming, synthetic fertilizers and monocropping, the production of only one crop year after year on the same land. These shortsighted practices strip the soil of its organic matter, which in turn has a sweeping, detrimental impact on our environment. All this, along with human pressures on land, has resulted in a global progression of soil degradation and a decline in self-sustaining landscapes.

Think organic but better

What is Biodynamic Farming?

Biodynamic farming, the original regenerative agriculture practice, is the change we need to reverse the damage big agriculture has caused our soil and atmosphere; the future of farming is rooted in the past.

Redirects Carbon

Redirects Carbon

Redirects Carbon

Redirects Carbon

Decreases Chemical Pollution

Decreases Chemical Pollution

Strengthens Our Planet

Strengthens Our Planet


Biodynamic agriculture uses a soil-first approach that naturally pulls carbon from the atmosphere and stores it into the ground. Carbon helps microorganisms, like bacteria and fungi, thrive so they can nourish plants, creating beautifully diverse and balanced farmlands, and quality harvests.

This natural absorption of carbon not only helps rebuild soil but also contributes to the decrease in pollution from pesticides and fertilizers that are commonly used in conventional practices and end up in our water and air. By means of biodynamic practices, we can recognize and better respond to the needs of the Earth, rolling out new solutions in a living and dynamic way.

Biodynamic is the conscious, holistic form of regenerative agriculture that views the farm as a living organism. These farms cultivate their vitality out of their own dynamics, promoting the health of their crops and livestock while returning life back to the soil. Each biodynamic farm is a self-contained, self-sustaining ecosystem that follows the cycles of nature by practicing…

  • Plant Diversity

    Boosts nutrients and natural decomposition while attracting insect predators of pests

  • Crop Rotation & Cover Crops

    Nourishes and protects the soil, reducing erosion and creating better water retention for plant growth

  • Livestock Integration

    Combines free-roaming animals and plants in an open, balanced ecosystem

  • Low-Till Practices

    Promotes minimal soil disturbance to help reduce erosion and the release of carbon emissions, while yielding better crops

  • Holistic Pest & Disease Control

    Promotes biodiversity and prevents runoff and polluted waterways


Every Biodynamic® product purchased is supporting the farmer who is not polluting, who is a good custodian of the earth and humanity.

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Demeter Certified Biodynamic

What is Demeter Certified Biodynamic®?

Demeter's biodynamic certification is the guarantee that products come from regenerative agriculture. While all organic requirements are mandatory for biodynamic certification, the Demeter standards are much more extensive. Demeter Certified Biodynamic has strict requirements around imported fertility aids for the soil (such as compost), great emphasis on on-farm solutions for disease, pest and weed control, and in-depth specifications around water conservation and biodiversity.

Demeter remains the oldest ecological certification organization in the world – and what organic practices were actually based from.

How We're Making Change

We are among the original producers in the U.S. of Demeter Certified Biodynamic products. Partnering with farmers in eight countries across five continents, we've developed the only In-Conversion Biodynamic® cotton in the world. Additionally, our team continues to bring many first-ever biodynamic supplements, to market while offering more biodynamic foods than any other retailer in the U.S.

Biodynamic Cotton

One-of-a-Kind In-Conversion Biodynamic Cotton

In 2022, we helped 255 farms transition to In-Conversion Biodynamic cotton, taking our organic cotton textile brand to a higher standard. Sito® is our solution to the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional practices – because what touches your skin matters.

“In-conversion” is the term used for farms in the transitional period from conventional farming to biodynamic methods, typically a three-year commitment. Once started, farmers must abandon old toxic, harmful practices and follow the new, stricter requirements of growing and harvesting cotton.

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Biodynamic Foods

In a world inundated with foods full of preservatives, pesticides and other unnatural chemicals, we are dedicated to providing quality food grown the way nature intended. We work with small, local farms all over the world to protect the soil that nurtures us and offer you exceptional, nutritious ingredients that are certified by the platinum standard.

Offering a variety of fresh, full-bodied flavors through our Solspring® line, we carry more biodynamic food and pantry staples than any other brand in the U.S. – from snacks and spreads to coffees and teas.

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Biodynamic Foods
Biodynamic Supplements

Biodynamic Supplements

Pushing a higher standard of wellness, we are proud to be the first to offer Demeter Certified Biodynamic supplements and to lead the world in this type of innovation in natural health.

From our award-winning Biodynamic® Moringa and Biodynamic® Fermented Cinnamon to our Biodynamic® Hemp Oil Concentrate, we work diligently with Demeter to push the standards of biodynamics and regenerative agriculture to another level.

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Our Progress

We're making changes off the farm, too.


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